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Go Beyond with Gentherm

It's about always being a few steps ahead. Anticipating the needs of rapidly-evolving new technologies and proactively developing solutions that solve problems and take system performance to the next degree. Our innovative Battery Thermal Management Solutions, Cell Connecting Systems and Battery Cable Technology combine to protect batteries from temperature extremes, ensure safe transmission of power and accurately monitor both temperature and voltage. The result: significant improvements in driving range, extended service life and overall battery performance.

High-Performance Warming

Charging and operating in cold temperatures have a negative impact on both driving performance and the service life of EV batteries. Our ultra-thin foil heating elements provide rapid battery warmup which contributes to optimal vehicle performance and the ability to meet growing occupant comfort demands. With a heating range of 50-1,000 watts through a single heating element, our heaters are applied directly to the battery module to deliver superior thermal response.

Keeping Things Cool

There’s no way around it: hard-working batteries generate intense heat. Mitigating the effects of rising temperatures is the key to maximizing battery performance. Gentherm offers air cooling, thermoelectric thermal management solutions and liquid evaporative cooling that help you deliver the optimal vehicle performance EV customers expect.

Connect at the Source

That’s where critical data like cell voltage and temperature readings comes from when cells are connected directly, rather than sending information to a distant measurement site. Our Embedded Cell Connecting Systems provide a continuous and reliable flow of temperature and cell voltage information during battery charging and discharging.